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{Swatantrata Diwas} 15 August 2016 Bhashan Prime Minister Narendra Modi Live Speech on Mobile

70th Independence Day 2016 Live Bhashan of Narendra Modi : HI friends we are there to talk about our new Prime Minister speech. so you will get these updates to our links related to that and you will also visit to our website to know more our Indian Nation PM. Speech is useful to motivate our indians towards their rights. That 15 august 2016 our new PM get the motivational speech for our Nation.
15 August 2016 Modi Bhashan In Delhi Videos : Speech what is speech first we know that thing Speech is a way of long talk to any topic and know and a knowledge about that topic some speech are motivational and to know are rights so thats the of speech we are talking about.As we all know that this Independence day our new Prime Minister say some words as a speech. In this speech they talking about there civilian and cultural rights and also on our jaatiwaad problem in our nation and He also talk about on the most important topic of CORRUPTION born in our nation in every state at every Government place if it is offices, schools, hospitals etc…, and every house of india. It is a huge problem if it is Govt. sector or it is private sector. So our sweets visitors to know more you can copy out and paste the information you will need to our website and our links 15 August 2016 PM Naredra Modi Live Speech on Mobile.
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PM Modi Independence Day 2016 Bhahsan In Hindi

Independence Day Live Bhsahan : In this year the new PM Narendra Modi get them to all some great and motivational speech. He is inspire we to talk about their life’s experiences. and he talk about hard work for doing for their bright future. So you will follow our new prime minister through our links and our website.
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Live 15 August 2016 Modi Speech In Red Fort

Friends! I am here to build upon this relationship. In fact, I have always been fascinated by Korea. I came here when I was Chief Minister of Gujarat & even before that. Honestly speaking, while in Gujarat, I used to wonder as to how a country of the size of Gujarat can do so much economic progress. I ad-mire the spirit of entrepreneurship of the Korean people. I admire the way in which they have created & sustained their global br&s. From IT & Electronics to Automobile & Steel, Ko-rea has given exemplary products to the world. Similarly, Korean companies r very strong in construction sector & were in-volved in building iconic structures around the world. u also have an impressive infrastructure & record for R & D as well as innovation. We in India want to achieve a lot of what Korea has already done. That is why I, along with a large business delega-tion, r here. The good news is that India-Korea bilateral trade has risen after signing of Korea-India CEPA in January 2010. The South Korean investment zone in Rajasthan State is progressing well. Several Hundred Korean companies r operating in In-dia. Lot of ur products particularly in Consumer Electronics r household choices for Indians. & many of them r being produced there. Hyundai Motor is the 2nd largest car manufacturer of India. 

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