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15 August Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics in Hindi – Independence Day 2016 Song Lyrics

15 August National Anthem Lyrics Hindi Lyrics : Hello friends use this Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics in Hindi. If you are searching our National Anthem Song Lyrics In Hindi. Then you are in a right place. Here we have Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics. As you know about the Independence Day. Independence day is the day that comes on the 15th August. On the 15 August 1947 our country free from the British Clutch. Now in this year we celebrate our 70th Independence day. As we know 70 years ago our country was the slave of the British Admin. After fight between us and British,we win that fight and our country become a freedom country. So now we celebrate 15 August 2016 in every year. In the occasion of 15 August every people of India sing the National Anthem Song and read the a Gaan Song Lyrics with correct pronounce. Hope you all are want to Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics in Hindi and Independence Day Ranstra Song Lyrics. So you are in a right site. Hope you enjoy these all 15 August National Anthem Song Lyrics.
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Rashtra Gaan Lyrics Download for Independence Day Program

Celebrate this wonderful day with your all friends and classmates. As you know when Independence Day comes then we do program in our schools and colleges. In this day we wish our all friends and relatives. Check our site for 15 August Speech In Hindi and 15 August Poems For Kids and many other stuff. Hope you like these all songs and all our stuff related to the 15 Aug Independence Day 2016. Use these 15 August Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics in Hindi and all Best Independence Day English Song Lyrics In Hindi English. I hope you will enjoy these all Independence Day Song Lyrics In English.

 Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics In English
JaYa He 
Tava Subha Name Jage 
Tava Subha Ashisa Mage 
Gahe Tava JaYa Gatha. 
JaNa-GaNa-MaNgala DaYaka, 
JaYa He Bharata-BhagYa-Vidhata, 
JaYa He, JaYa He, 
JaYa He, JaYa, JaYa, 
JaYa, JaYa He 

15 August Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics in Hindi

Thanks to all my friends celebrate this wonderful day in your schools with your friends and teachers. If you like these all Independence Day Bollywood Song Lyrics. Then share these all Rashtra Gaan Songs Lyrics and Independence Day Mp3 Songs with your friends on social sites. I wish you all a very happy Independence Day 2016. Jai Hind, Satymev Jayte. 


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