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15 August 2016 School Pledge Meaning Lines For Students – Independence Day School Pledge Videos

15 August Pledge Meaning In Hindi : Hello guys now here we gonna share with you 15 August English Pledge meaning in Hindi, 15 August Hindi School Pledge videos in Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Bengali. We know that many of peoples don’t know the meaning for 15 August indian Pledge so guys don’t be sad here we will tell you every thing about National Pledge. Its a great movement we take pledge for our India. We promise that we always help pour peoples. Pledge is a another word for a promise we take promise with each and every person. Do you all know that our National Pledge first was written is Telugu language in 1962 and the writer of pledge is Pydimarri Venkata Subba Rao. In school also all students take pledge for india. Now from here you can copy or download Independence Day School Pledge videos or you can share it in various social networks platforms such as Facebook, whatsapp messenger, Twitter etc.

Independence Day School Pledge Meaning | 15 August Player In Hindi

Hey guys 15 august is also know as a name of Independence day or azad diwas. If you want more videos of indian independence day pledge so must check this post. Here on our site you can search every stuff which you needed of this independence day. We have seen that many of peoples are searching for independence day pledge in tamil now you are in a right place.
If you want to know about 15 August Kids Pledge Meaning so you can read our informations which we are telling you bellow of this para. If you are taking pledge so you have to know that what’s pledge means. Its means promise which you do with peoples that you will be a good person and if any peoples is in problem so never say no to them.
15 August 2016 Speech <-- Click

India is our l&, our Motherl&! 
Sacred are the soil, water & air; 
All Indians are our brothers, sisters; 
We love our nation great & care.
Our nation is not rich but isn’t poor; 
We love its vastness & its heritage; 
We are proud to be called Indians; 
We will usher a golden new age.
15 August 2016 Pledge In English
We love our home where we were born; 
We trust in God & work for global peace; 
We want amity among nations all; 
We pray to God that wars may cease.
We want to live in harmony; 
We want to progress very fast; 
We want to help all those who need; 
Our bickering is things of the past.
15 August Punjabi Lines  
We will not force nor allow foes; 
We toil to reach the moon & stars; 
We st& united in joys & woes; 
We pledge our lives for nation’s sake.
The Indian heart has love for life; 
The Indian soul is kind from birth; 
The Indian welcomes any strife; 
The Indian brain is best on earth.
We are a nation proud & good; 
We want to share our love & peace; 
We brook not outside interference; 
Impenetrable is our nation’s defence! 
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Indian!
Independence Day is a
good time to examine
who we are & how we got here.
15 August 2016 Pledge In hindi
On Independence Day.
Here I am wishing,
Our dreams of a new tomorrow come true,
For us…Now & Always!
Happy 15th August…Happy freedom Day!!
Being Indian U are proud of Urself because U are living in the country of Free from all shackle & it feels U that U are not dependent to other, U are independent. In India every people have the right to choose the right for himself & live like a free man & go everywhere he wants to. Independence Day gave us the feeling like this. Happy Independence Day!!
Independence Day Pledge Videos 
God Grants Liberty Only To Those Who Love It,
& Are Always Ready To
Guard It & Defend It.
Happy Independence Day!!
We have to remember that India is going to celebrate the 60th year of independence. But we are ignorant about our country & our glorious heritage. From hereafter, let us go through a different pathway, to underst& all about India & let each of us become a proud Indian. Happy Independence Day!

Swatantrata Diwas Lines | 15 August Pledge Lines

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